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nouveau cabaret dancer veronica lynn photographed by Sequoia Emmanuelle los angeles california

“She made our celebration truly one of a kind. So talented and flawless. Thank you, Veronica!”

Sarah S.


“Ms. Lynn did a wonderful job. Everyone in attendance was totally surprised and enjoyed the two performances very much. She’s sociable, an amazing dancer, a professional, and we couldn’t have been more happy with the service she provided.”

Marycela P.

Photo by Sequoia Emmanuelle

Veronica Lynn is an American dance artist and costume designer in Los Angeles, California. She approaches dance with the goal of stirring the imagination and guiding her audience through her rhinestone-bedazzled fantasy world. Dance is an art that disappears as it is being created: Veronica balances this evanescence with dazzling costumes that aid in expressing the story and theme of the performance.

Veronica has received diverse dance training, with her primary focus being the style of transnational fusion belly dance, formerly known as “tribal fusion”. (For information on this genre, please refer to this brief writing by Jasmin Victoria*, followed by this letter by Donna Mejia discussing the change in name). Her studies also include jazz and cabaret, which are key influences in her style. Veronica does not identify her present mode of dance as a form of belly dance but instead refers to it as nouveau cabaret—a style deeply inspired by modern dance


nouveau cabaret dancer veronica lynn photographed by Sequoia Emmanuelle los angeles california

Photo by Sequoia Emmanuelle

of the 1890’s through the 1920’s, often set to jazz music and featuring art nouveau and art deco costuming. Veronica offers work that is sophisticated, glamorous, and mysterious, and she values and strives for technical excellence. Prop balancing is a feature in her act, frequently including scimitars and antique pots in her performances.

Veronica has presented work at festivals and theaters around the country, including Jamballah Northwest (Oregon), Bayou Belly Festivale (Louisiana), Tiki Oasis (California), Austin Belly Dance Convention (Texas), Third Coast Tribal (Texas), Gulf Coast Raks (Texas), Black Lotus Kult Celebration (Florida). She has produced dance and sideshow events in Texas and has held several successful residencies in popular venues located in the South. She is a recent transplant to Los Angeles, previously based in Austin, Texas.

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Veronica Lynn is available for high-profile events, private parties, variety shows, touring cirque shows, music videos, residencies, and film.

When you book Veronica, you will receive gracious, punctual, and professional service. Please contact her for rates, as they vary based on location, event type, and duration.






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Photo by Jason Harpole


Veronica Lynn Belly Dance Sizzle Reel 2022/2023

Veronica Lynn Belly Dance Sizzle Reel 2022/2023

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