About Veronica Lynn

Transnational Fusion Dance & Raqs Sharqi Artist

Veronica Lynn is a dance artist working in the genres of transnational fusion dance and raqs sharqi. These dance forms are steeped in a rich history of dance traditions of Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenistic, and Turkish (MENAHT) origin. The word transnational refers to the array of world dances from which this form is drawn, and the word fusion refers to the artistic blending of these dances to create a modern style that is accessible, beautiful, and boundless in its capacity for creative exploration.

 Beginning her study of transnational fusion dance at age fourteen in Central Florida, Veronica first learned from the wonderful teacher Lacey Sanchez. There, she learned a vocabulary of movement that borrowed from the traveling Ghawazi dancers of Egypt, the Amazigh people of North Africa, Baladi & Saidi folk dance, Flamenco, Rajasthani folk dance, Tahitian dance, Odissi, Raqs Sharqi, American hip-hop, jazz, and FatChance Style Belly Dance. Later, Veronica had the privilege of studying with April Rose in Austin, Texas, from whom she learned not only precision in dance, but research skills that allowed Veronica to broaden her understanding of music, dance, and the cultures that influence our collective dance style.

Having grown up as a dancer performing in hookah lounges, restaurants, parties, bars, and festivals, Veronica Lynn is a polished improvisational dancer and can make any space into a performance space. She loves to create a personal, up-close connection to the audience and make them feel included in the performance. Additionally, Veronica uses choreography to explore music and movement in unusual combinations. Her flair for vintage upbeat music is a hallmark of her dance style. Veronica’s strongest musical influences are psychedelic Lebanese, Turkish, and Iranian music of the 1960’s and ’70’s, darbuka, afrobeat, and jazz-funk fusion. She designs her own costumes and draws inspiration from a huge & colorful variety of time periods, cultures, and designers.

Currently, Veronica performs, costumes, and produces events in beautiful Los Angeles, California. She travels frequently for dance. Please visit the Contact page here to learn how to reach her! Additionally, please visit the Glossary for an explanation of terms used in this writing.